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Peta Lokasi Aula Simfonia Jakarta

Aula Simfonia Jakarta

Join 6 November 2017 Alamat : Jl. Industri Raya Blok B Kavling 1 Telp : 021-6586 78 08 Kode Pos : 14410 Email : Provinsi : DKI Jakarta

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Detail Info Aula Simfonia Jakarta
Alamat:Jl. Industri Raya Blok B Kavling 1
Kelurahan:Pademangan Timur
Kotamadya:Jakarta Utara
Propinsi:DKI Jakarta
Kode Pos:14410
Telp:021-6586 78 08

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Aula Simfonia Jakarta, officially opened in 2009, was built as an answer to this big city’s need of a ‘proper’ concert hall, as well as to fulfill the cultural mandate given by God. As the first, and currently the only concert hall in Indonesia, Aula Simfonia Jakarta accommodates 1,200 seats and offers a world-class acoustic experience. Both local and international musicians have performed in this hall, and Aula Simfonia Jakarta welcomes more good quality music performances in the future.

The “AULA SIMFONIA JAKARTA”, with a seating capacity of 1,400 seats, include choir and orchestra seats, sited in the areal of, Kemayoran, Center of Jakarta, is carefully designed by Dr. Stephen Tong. With Dr. Tong’s sharp architectural technique yet strong artistic value, this fine concert hall is able to reach a good acoustic level. Flow of pure and original sounds and voices accomplishes the entire artistic design. The direct sound and early reflection level, together with the reverberation of the hall is all carefully considered.

A proper wooden stage that is purposely placed in the center part of the concert hall enables the audiences of all level of seats to enjoy a crystal clear view of the performance. This 6 storeys concert hall owns few special music equipment. The concert class Steinway & Sons stands grandly in the heart of for the recording need of the whole play. A high accuracy in all details of a good hall is the key for an achievement of one performance. This place is definitely a new home for classical music lovers.

Monday – Friday buka Pukul 10.00 – 17.00 WIB
Saturday buka Pukul 10.00 – 14.00 WIB
Sunday buka Pukul  10.00 – 13.00 WIB
Concert Day buka Pukul 10.00 – concert ends

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